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Molecular Cybernetics
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About BIOMOD Japan Open


BIOMOD is an annual international biomolecular design competition for students. Due to the cancellation of international BIOMOD activities by the pandemic, the Molecular Robotics Research Group (Molbot) has been hosting an online event in Japan since 2020. Our mission is to continue our educational efforts by welcoming new students and researchers and keep growing our vibrant community.

Previous events

BIOMOD Japan Open is designed as an online version of the original BIOMOD. Students from various universities assembled mixed teams (five teams in 2020, four teams in 2021) and designed their biomolecular systems (molecular robots) through online discussions. Teams performed in silico experiments, prepared YouTube videos and Wiki pages, and presented in an online Jamboree, as same as the original format (all in English). The results were evaluated and awarded according to the BIOMOD judging criteria.

Plans for BIOMOD Japan Open 2022

Going Hybrid

This year, we are planning to host the competition in a hybrid format, including wet experiments (with some regulations) at local sites. By utilizing our online framework, we will continue our mixed team formation. The evaluation will follow the original BIOMOD criteria (Wiki + Youtube + Presentation).

We're Open!

We are planning to coordinate with the summer school hosted by the Molecular Cybernetics project this year, which allowed us to expand our scope of participants beyond undergraduate students. Although the summer school part will be held in Japanese, all BIOMOD-related meetings, including Jamboree, will be done in English. We welcome participants from overseas joining the BIOMOD Japan Open!

Common Theme

Given the difficulty of an online format, we set a common theme for the projects. The theme of 2022 is "molecular robots that can contribute to the low-carbon economy".


  • July 1st - September 17th, 2022 (JST, Japan Standard Time)
    • July 1 (Fri.) Kickoff meeting (Team announcement)
    • July 30 (Sat.) Mid-term presentation
    • Sep. 10 (Sat.) Wiki & YouTube closing date
    • Sep. 17 (Sat.) Final Presentation (Online Jamboree)
  • Attendance fee Free
  • All meetings will be held in English.

For further information:

Interested in joining us from overseas? Please feel free to let us know. We are more than happy to discuss details and figure out our plan.

Contact us!

Organizing Committee (Management Team)

  • Shogo Hamada (Tohoku U.)
  • Yusuke Sato (Kyushu Inst. of Tech.)
  • Jun-ichi Taira (Kyushu Inst. of Tech.)
  • Ibuki Kawamata (Tohoku U.)